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“Danah’s skill in working with couples as well as individuals and families are guaranteed to help those seeking support and healing. Working with Danah gave me insight and helped me through some very difficult times.”
— Ben M., Santa Barbara, CA

Life can be challenging at times. Most of us can relate with that. It is not uncommon for people to have challenges managing their emotions, coping with stress, recovering from loss or major transitions, building/maintaining relationships or using substances. I am passionate about helping young and older adults, teens, couples and families learn to cope and thrive in those circumstances.

Positive Change. Better Results.

Whether you are experiencing symptoms of depression, anxiety, stress or grief, have unhealthy coping habits such as substance abuse or self-harm, or have feelings of helplessness, I want you to know that there is hope.

While we cannot change the pain in our past, or the genetics we are born with, we can learn to change the way we respond and react to our feelings and triggers; in order to give them less power and control in our lives.
Learning about your unique experiences, needs and goals, and responding with caring and empathy, I will walk with you in exploring the barriers that you feel are hindering you, and provide therapeutic support, counseling and proven tools to help you acheive your goals.



Danah Williams is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) with over seventeen years experience helping adults, teens, children and families cope with and overcome depression, anxiety, relationship challenges, behavioral problems, communication issues, family transitions, addiction and stress. I believe that there is hope for each and every person that I work with, even through life's most difficult circumstances.... Read More →

Danah Williams, LMFT

Danah Williams, LMFT